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Before the dawn

There’s something special about the dark. Something that can make you embark on crazy adventures, not knowing where you might end up. The excitement of putting your faith in the hands of the night. Whether you’re together or alone: if you allow yourself to go along with her, she might take you to places you never thought to encounter.

It’s this aspect of the night that fascinates and fuels us when we play on stage and that made us dedicate our album to her.

From the rainy neon lit alleyways to the steaming hot nightclubs. From deep underground raves to peaceful night skies filled with flickering stars and from the shady side of a broken city to a never ending festival, where people dance until the morning comes again. We tried to bring all these adventurous, romantic and grim elements right into the comfort of your home. Let our music take you by the hand, and bring you into the deep world after midnight.

Because what happens before dawn…




The Revenant
I’d like to know your name
10:36 PM
Good Cop Bad Cop
Before The Dawn
01:09 AM
Veggie Rainbow
Himalayan Busride
04:57 AM
Space Invading
Dance of the Psycho

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