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Valvetronic is the boldest festival brassband from the Netherlands, based on and inspired by EDM and HipHop music:

Music to dance on played on some drums and a lot of horns. Valvetronic presents a bold, loud and energetic show that will make you dance and jump for the whole night, without a doubt.
Lourens van der Zwaag and Kris Kraanen are both founders and trumpeters of the band. With their enthusiasm for danceable brassband music they were able to bring together a whole group of great musicians from the conservatories from both Amsterdam and Rotterdam. From that point the goal of the band was crystal clear: play danceable music with a brassband, based on popular contemporary electronic music. And what about the name? The combination of valves, the buttons on a trumpet, and the preference for electronic music led to the name Valvetronic. The first gig of Valvetronic was in februari 2018 and took place in Paradiso, the most well-known pop venue of the Netherlands. And that was only the beginning: the following summer years the guys played on big festivals like North Sea Jazz, Zwarte Cross, Jazz in Duketown, Oerol, Bevrijdingsfestival Amsterdam, So What’s Next, Madnes Festival, Sunny Side Up and many more to follow!
All songs are written by band members themselves. Their music contains catchy licks, heavy HipHop beats and powerful section playing. The jazz background of most members ensures very musically interesting and surprising solo’s. All of this is put together in an entertaining show in which the boys play, dance, jump, laugh and use everything that is on stage (or even play in between the audience). They never fail to entertain any audience. Proof of these shows can be find on YouTube, but it’s recommended to go to a real show yourself! With a lot of summer shows the past years, there is always a chance to catch the boys breaking down a stage on a festival!
Trumpets: Lourens van der Zwaag, Bart van der List and Kris Kraanen
Trombones: Gregor Sperzel, Nathan Surquin and Olav Schorlemmer
Alto saxophone: Miguel Seoane
Tenor saxophone: Paul Van de Calseijde
Baritone saxophone: Aviv Noam
Sousaphone: Jeroen Vermazeren
Percussion: Annick Sickinghe
Drums: Said Vroon

















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