Before the Dawn


*** to be changed *** “This is our newest release, Before the Dawn. It’s an album we wrote and recorded during the covid restrictions as an ode to the nightlife that we so dearly missed during this period. We tried to find a combination between acoustic instruments and electronic sounds and… etc.”

Pre-ordering the Vinyl gets you:
– a tote bag containing the limited edition vinyl
– a signed card by the band (picture front, little message on the back w/autographs)
– an invitation to an exclusive digital release event in which we listen to the tracks together with the audience, tell stories about the songs/process in between, as well as answer questions that people can send us live.

Preorder now!



The Revenant
I’d like to know your name
10:36 PM
Good Cop Bad Cop
Before The Dawn
01:09 AM

Veggie Rainbow
Himalayan Busride
04:57 AM
Space Invading
Dance of the Psycho

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